Secrets Out! Who's the Best? GHSA Flag Football's All-Area Squads Announced

By Prep Sports Report Staff | January 8, 2024

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Find out which Savannah-area athletes made the 2023 Georgia High School Association All-Area Flag Football Teams, as selected by coaches in the region.

GHSA Flag Football's All-Area Squads announced - the best of the best have been announced! Who are they?

GHSA Flag Football D1 Area 1

Offensive Player of the Year: Kayleigh Sizemore, Long County

Defensive Player of the Year: Calvary Day School defense

Coach of the Year: Nick Grassi, Calvary Day School


1st Team All-Area Offense

McKenzie Clayton, Calvary Day School

Abby Walsh, Calvary Day School

Sierra Lowery, Calvary Day School

Natalie Sanders, Calvary Day School

Kaelyn Allen, Calvary Day School

Kyleigh Sizemore, Long County

Makinzie Moody, Long County

France Smith, Long County

Kyndall Johnson, Long County

Kaiya Bryant - Jenkins

A'Niyah Browner - Jenkins

Triniti Cody - Jenkins

Adeline Bowden - Islands

Sydni Polite - Islands

Amelia Sullivan, Glynn Academy

Angelique Fleming, Johnson

Tamaya Elkins, Brunswick

Tamiya Washington, Groves


2nd Team All-Area Offense

Carlee Hurst, Calvary Day School

Kaylee Jeffcoat, Calvary Day School

Sara Barnes, Long County

Ciara O'Brien, Long County

Aliyah Frazier, Jenkins

Iycess Scott, Jenkins

Ke'Ara Jones, Jenkins

A'myah Eason - Islands

Adeline Zaeragoza - Islands

Delanie Noe, Glynn Academy

Malayla Wright, Johnson

Jaida Southwell, Brunswick

Mia Beranger, Groves


Honorable Mention All-Area Offense

Hanna Vanderbrink, Calvary Day

Reese Jenkins, Calvary Day

Macey Higgason, Long County

Malaysia Easley, Jenkins

Gracin Wilson-Bote, Jenkins

Kylee Jiran - Islands

Aaliyah Arndt - Islands

Kathyrn Damron - Islands

Bri Kohloff, Glynn Academy

Shinanne Siford, Glynn Academy

Kimaria Butler, Glynn Academy

Sophia Karven, Groves


1st Team All-Area Defense

Natalie Sanders, Calvary Day

Sierra Lowery, Calvary Day

Carlee Hurst, Calvary Day

Tati Modicue, Calvary Day

Anna Roach, Calvary Day

Yazmin Cornel-Garcia, Long County

Ciazia Powe, Long County

Denieya Davis, Long County

Yuridia Sellars, Long County

Aliyah Frazier, Jenkins

Kaiya Bryant, Jenkins

Gabrielle Narverz - Islands

Kylie Fritts - Islands

Shianne Siford, Glynn Academy

Zaniya Allen, Johnson

Taylor Hankerson, Brunswick

Mia Beranger, Groves


2nd Team All-Area Defense

Kaylee Jeffcoat, Calvary Day

Kaelyn Allen, Calvary Day

Kelly Stokes, Long County

Abigail Tewalt, Long County

Kyndall Johnson, Long County

Marley Taylor, Jenkins

Akeelah Younger, Jenkins

Tashiyah David - Jenkins

Sydni Polite - Islands

Kathryn Fritts - Islands

Isabel Fernandez, Glynn Academy

SaAsia Peynado, Johnson 

Tanijia Merrell, Brunswick

A'Zedia Edwards, Groves


Honorable Mention All-Area Defense

Liz McGalliard, Calvary Day

Tamaria Mallard, Long County 

Raekala Riddle, Jenkins

Caitlyn Tran - Islands

Adeline Bowden - Islands

Adaline Zaragoza - Islands

Basil Anderson. - Islands

Miracle Turner, Glynn Academy

Katie Crabb, Glynn Academy

Rai Gervais, Glynn Academy

Treasure Loman, Johnson

Alayla Thomas, Johnson

Myorie Randolph, Johnson

Brianna Washington, Johnson

Zakiyah Middleton, Johnson

Zaniyah Ingram, Johnson

Mehria Aziz, Johnson

Hallii Thomas, Groves



GHSA Flag Football D1 Area 2

Coach of the Year: Candice English, Savannah Country Day

Player of the Year: Akera Jackson, New Hampstead 

Offensive Player of the Year: Sofia Pablo, Savannah Country Day

Defensive Player of the Year: Gianna Brown, New Hampstead 


1st Team All-Area Offense

Jahnariah Massey, Woodville-Tompkins 

Sarah Armstrong, Woodville-Tompkins 

KeShauna Gusby, Savannah High

Akera Jackson, New Hampstead 

Gianna Brown, New Hampstead 

Taliyah Headman, New Hampstead 

Sofia Pablo, Savannah Country Day

Harper Judelson, Savannah Country Day

Eva Beauchamp, Savannah Country Day 

Anna Shelton, Savannah Country Day

Rose Williams, St. Vincent's Academy

Porter Rominger, St. Vincent's Academy

Sarah Grace Hinely, Effingham County 

Jada Praylo, Effingham County  

Malaya Signal, South Effingham 

Anna Elliott, South Effingham

Emily Galan, South Effingham


1st Team All-Area Defense

Shayne Cooper-Riley, Woodville-Tompkins 

Jordan Rivers, Woodville-Tompkins 

Jahnariah Massey, Woodville-Tompkins 

Sarah Armstrong, Woodville-Tompkins 

KeShauna Gusby, Savannah High

Ameerah Middleton, Savannah High

Promise Cooper, New Hampstead  

Gianna Brown, New Hampstead  

Reese Bailey, Savannah Country Day

Eva Beauchamp, Savannah Country Day

Anna Shelton, Savannah Country Day

Ava Anderson, Savannah Christian

AB Smith, St. Vincent's Academy

Willa Ciucevich, St. Vincent's Academy

Rose Williams, St. Vincent's Academy 

Kameryn Watson, Effingham County

Baylee Hodges, Effingham County

Caroline Motes, South Effingham 

Malaya Signal, South Effingham 

Emily Galan, South Effingham


2nd Team All-Area

Offense: Zoey Simmons, Woodville-Tompkins 

Ameerah Middleton, Savannah High

Taylor Anderson, New Hampstead 

Taliyah Headman, New Hampstead 

Promise Cooper, New Hampstead 

Ana Miller, Savannah Country Day

Hayden Anderson, Savannah Country Day 

Maddie Driver, Savannah Country Day 

Maddy Kelly, St. Vincent's Academy

Abby Calimlim, St. Vincent's Academy

 Paris White, St. Vincent's Academy

Timia Bryant, St. Vincent's Academy 

Shemaree Pitts, Effingham County

Jenae York, Effingham County

Jessica Cooper, Effingham County

Valencia Collins, South Effingham

Arden Thompson, South Effingham 

Emily Thompson, South Effingham


Honorable Mention All Area

Christina Barney, Woodville-Tompkins 

Ashanti Vickerie, Woodville-Tompkins  

Jordan Rivers, Woodville-Tompkins 

Megan Borges, Savannah Arts Academy

Annie Torres, Savannah Arts Academy

Taylor Anderson, New Hampstead 

Heaven Nabor, New Hampstead 

Ella Lowry, Savannah Country Day

Remi Stallcup, Savannah Country Day

Alexis Ghaleb, St. Vincent's Academy

Marta Ruiz, St. Vincent's Academy

Andi Cordero Meza, Effingham County

Ivy Jenkins, Effingham County

Sybria Pinkney, Effingham County 

Cam Davis, Effingham County

Mady Reagan, Effingham County

Sage Collier, South Effingham


Photo Credit - Calvary Day School socal media


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