Local Prep Lacrosse Players Score Honors on GHSA All-Area 8 Lacrosse Teams

By Prep Sports Report Staff | May 27, 2020

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The head coaches meet virtually two weeks ago to nominate and choose the GHSA Class 1-5 All Area 8 Lacrosse teams according to Islands High School Head Coach Chris Mercer. “This means a lot to the players even though it was a shorten season. They still deserve the recognition for their dedication and hard work.” Mercer said. “I really feel bad for the seniors, because this is probably their last chance to play organized lacrosse. It’s a tough way to end your career. Having the coaches meet to name an All-Area Lacrosse team is still special to the players.”

The coaches from Benedictine, Effingham County, Islands, Johnson, Richmond Hill, Savannah Christian, Savannah Country Day, and South Effingham, were eligible to vote for their respective players and the other school’s players.

The coaches chose three All-Area 8 teams, which were from first team through third team.  The Prep Sports Report listed the selections below by school alphabetically, not by who received the most votes.

First team

Sam Wilson, Benedictine, sr., goalie

Kiva Twoguns, Benedictine, so., attack

Michael Mowers, Benedictine, sr., middie

James Jolin, Effingham County, sr., middie

Zack Russell, Effingham County, sr., defense

Bryce Grimball, Richmond Hill, sr., long stick middie

Tommy DiMarzio, Richmond Hill, jr., face-off specialist

Alex Vierheilig, Savannah Christian, sr., attack

John Henry Hammond, Savannah Christian, sr., attack

Mike Vidan, Savannah Christian, sr., middie

Jake Roberts, Savannah Christian, sr., defense

Judd Douglas, Savannah Country Day, sr., defense


Second team

Thomas Moriarity, Benedictine, sr., middie

Hugh Livingstone, Benedictine, sr., defense

Kyen Argentinis, Benedictine, so., long stick middie

Trent Morgan, Effingham County, so., attack

Mason Nease, Effingham, sr., goalie

Xavier Brown, Johnson, sr., defense

Kelvin Leahy, Richmond Hill, sr., attack

Anthony Tabert, Richmond Hill, sr., middie

Niko Tosta, Savannah Christian, sr., face-off specialist

Arden Watson, Savannah Country Day, fr., attack

Logan Ziegler, Savannah Country Day, sr., middie

Devin Fromond, South Effingham, so., defense


Third team

Danny Padgett, Effingham, so., middie

Dawson Stone, Effingham, sr., defense

Landon Mercer, Islands, jr., attack

Noah Kay, Islands, sr., attack

Ben Vetter, Islands, so., middie

Vincent Montgomery, Johnson, sr., attack

Julian Villegas, Richmond Hill, sr., defense

Drew Glen, Richmond Hill, sr., goalie

Jaleah Kearse, Johnson, so., face-off specialist

Walker McDonald, Savannah Christian, sr., defense

Eli Haire, Savannah Christian, sr., long stick middie

Ben Stone, Savannah Country Day, sr., long stick middie

JaVaughn Kyle, South Effingham, fr., middie


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