Guess Who Could Be Staying Home in GHSA Semi-Finals? Benedictine & Calvary

By Prep Sports Report Staff | November 23, 2021

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The GHSA administrative office flipped a coin again to determine who would host the semi-finals (Final Four) in the football and flag football playoffs. The teams at the top of the brackets will host games between teams that are evenly seeded.

If Benedictine and Calvary win, they will be both seeds on the top of the bracket. They will host the semi-final playoff games in "Good Old Savannah!"

Click on the links below to see Dr. Robin Hines, Executive Director of the GHSA, flip the GHSA coin, and read the GHSA Football Playoff Brackets.

Due to the flag football playoffs starting next week, the team on the bottom will be home if two of the same seeds meet in the quarterfinals. In the semi-finals, the top of the brackets will be home. The GHSA website provides video and brackets. 

Per GHSA by-law 4.39, a “universal” coin toss was conducted to determine which part of the bracket would be “home” in all classes of the quarterfinals if the two competing teams are equal seeds.

The universal coin toss result determined that the BOTTOM team in the official GHSA playoff bracket will be the designated home team in the quarterfinal round in cases where equal seeds meet.

This is only for games between equal seeds. In all other cases, the higher-seeded team will host as usual. Also, this is only for quarterfinal round games. A new universal coin toss will be conducted before the semifinal round. via GHSA Website Universal Coin Flip

Bracket link GHSA Class - 1A Private Brackets 

2021 Georgia High School Football Playoff Brackets: GHSA - A Private

Bracket link GHSA Class 4A - 4A Bracket 

2021 Georgia High School Football Playoff Brackets: GHSA   AAAA

Photo - Calvary day School Facebook page

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