Richmond Hill, SCPS, SCDS, South Effingham & SVA on tee at the GHSA golf championships

By Prep Sports Report Staff | May 22, 2023

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Savannah, GA: The Savannah area 2022-23 high school athletic schedule comes to a close on May 23, the last of two days at the Georgia High School Association state golf tournament will conclude. Nine teams from the Savannah area (five girls/four boys) qualified for a team GHSA team championship with 46 golfers preparing to compete as individuals for the low medalist  title.

Beginning May 22, all teams and golfers will compete in GHSA golf state toutnaments at different sites on different courses. Savannah Christian Prep girl's team will try and win back-to-back titles, but it will be in a different classification. Last year, the Lady Raiders won the GHSA Class 2A title; this year, the whole team has returned to try and win the GHSA Class 3A team title. 

Richmond Hill High School Lady Wildcat golfer Hannah Barrett will do the same thing as SCPS but as an individual. Barrett won the GHSA Class 6A low medalist individual title and is trying to accomplish that again this year but in the GHSA Class 7A division tournament.

Below are the schools competing with the team's golfers, tee times, and the state golf course they will play at.


Mon, May 22, 2023 - 8:30 am at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club, Valdosta,GA

Richmond Hill Boys (Grade) Hole/Tee Team/Score
Cooper Reid (JR) 1/10:10AM E
Ledger Conley (FR) 1/ 9:40AM E
Mathew Reynolds (FR) 1/ 10:30AM E
Patrick Mahaffey (FR) 1/ 9:50AM E
Porter Fabre (JR) 1/ 10:00AM E
Samuel Reynolds (SR) 1/ 10:20AM E

Mon, May 22, 2023 - 8:00 am at Sunset Country Club, Moultrie, Georgia

Richmond Hill Girls (Grade) Hole/Tee Team/Score
Amanda Puchales (FR) 1 / 9:20AM E
Hannah Barrett (SR) 1 / 9:40AM E
Savannah Macomber (SO) 1 / 9:00AM E
Sofia Raye (SR) 1 / 9:30AM E
Tatum Wood (JR) 1 / 9:10AM E

Mon, May 22, 2023 - 8:30 am at Indian Mound, Jekyll Island, GA

South Effingham Girls (Grade) Hole/Tee Team/Score
Alyssa Marburger (SR) 1/ 9:34AM E
Ansley Adkins (SO) 1/ 9:50AM E
Cayla Tasney (JR) 1/ 9:18AM E
Hannah Smith (SR) 1/ 9:26AM E
Hillary Smith (JR) 1/ 9:42AM E

Mon, May 22, 2023 - 8:30 am at Whitewater Creek CC, Fayetteville, GA

Benedictine (Grade) Hole/Tee Team/Score
Clayton Ruchalski (JR) 1 / 10:00AM E
Hamp Threlkeld (FR) 1 / 9:51AM E
Hank Tollison (SR) 1 / 10:09AM E
Heath Kulp (FR) 1 / 10:18AM E
Nicholas Scarano (SR) 1 / 9:33AM E
Whit Watson (JR) 1 / 9:42AM E

Mon, May 22, 2023 - 8:30 am at East Course, Columbus, GA

Savannah Christian Boys (Grade) Hole/Tee Team/Score
Charlie Miller (SR) 1 / 9:30AM E
Elliott Oliver (FR) 1 / 9:20AM E
Hunter Curry (SR) 1 / 8:40AM E
Kush Patel (SR) 1 / 9:10AM E
Paulus Zittrauer (SR) 1 / 9:00AM E
Veeraj Dalsania (JR) 1 / 8:50AM E
Savannah Country Day Boys (Grade) Hole/Tee Team/Score
Andrew Messalle (JR) 1 / 11:30AM E
Caden Hartley (FR) 1 / 10:50AM E
Dallas Hunter (JR) 1 / 11:10AM E
Hunter Goldstein (FR) 1 / 11:00AM E
Thomas Claiborne (FR) 1 / 10:40AM E
William Whitfield (JR) 1 / 11:20AM E

Mon, May 22, 2023 - 8:30 am at Maple Ridge Golf Club, Columbus, GA

Savannah Christian Girls (Grade) Hole/Tee Team/Score
Ava Cottis (SO) 1 / 10:50AM E
Charlotte Goodman (FR) 1 / 10:40AM E
Mary Miller (JR) 1 / 11:00AM E
Stafford Hudson (SO) 1 / 10:30AM E
Savannah Country Day Girls (Grade) Hole/Tee Team/Score
Bryn Sorge (JR) 1 / 10:00AM E
Kate Barber (SO) 1 / 10:10AM E
Parker Hall (SO) 1 / 9:50AM E
St. Vincent’s Academy (Grade) Hole/Tee Team/Score
Ainsley Sheffield (FR) 1 / 9:20AM E
Caroline Ryan (SR) 1 / 9:10AM E
Hayden Aliotta (SR) 1 / 9:00AM E
Reagan Aliotta (SR) 1 / 8:40AM E
Tyne Parker (JR) 1 / 8:50AM E


PHOTO CREDIT: Prep Sports Report staff

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