High School Girls basketball League tipoffs tonight in Savannah

By Prep Sports Report Staff | June 9, 2022

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It has been a long time for a girl's summer basketball league to be hosted by a public school in Savannah, Georgia. Thursday, June 09, 2022, is the tipoff for the 2022 Above the Rim Girls high school basketball summer league presented by HV Jenkins Lady Warriors basketball program.


Since February, the organizer and head basketball coach from HV Jenkins High School, Brianna Booker, has been the leader to have a girl's summer league in Savannah. 

"It keeps the teams home in Savannah. We don't have to travel to play summer games far away. Hopefully, it will also help the girls and coaches form commanderies. We won't be all playing in the same league this coming season, and it gives us a chance to share concepts and knowledge of the girl's game," said Booker. "Also, this being the first year, there is no participation fee. There will be an entry fee and concessions to offset the cost."


This league has nine schools participating, Beach, Groves, Islands, Jenkins, Johnson, New Hampstead, Savannah High, South Effingham, and Windsor Forest.


All games are being held at the new HV Jenkins High School gym every Tuesday except for day one, tonight. The games will run from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The schedule is below. There is a $5.00 entry fee, concessions will be available, and here are the game rules for the league.


The following are the game rules.

  • Two 20 min running clock halves (The clock will stop the last 2 mins of the 2nd half) 
  • 5-minute halftime
  • Fouls will be 2 for 1/ 3 for 1; During the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half, fouls will be 1 and 1 
  • Teams will be allowed one 30 sec time out & one 60 sec time per half (no rollovers) 
  • Overtime will be 1 min (overtime rules are the same as the last 2 mins of the 2nd half) 
  • Teams will be allowed 1 60 sec timeout during overtime


Photo credit  - Dwashawn the Photographer

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