Results from the Fall 2022 US Kids Golf local tour championship!

By Special to the Prep Sports Report | November 21, 2022

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The US Kids Golf Savannah Tour completed its Fall 2022 season at the Tour Championship played on November 21 at Richmond Hill Golf Club.  

Despite frigid temperatures and impending darkeness, all age groups finished the tournament. The results of the Tour Championship determined the season points winners for every age division.

In the Boys 6-Under age group, Richmond Hill’s Lou Kivett posted a 4-over par 40 to win the Tour Championship and and complete a clean sweep of all seven events to win the points championship.

In Boys 7, Eli Kight from Dublin, Ga., posted a score of 4-over par 40 to win the Tour Championship and also won the points championship with five wins in six events entered.

In Boys 8, Statesboro's Brantley Lott carded a 4-over par 40 to win the Tour Championship and narrowly won the points championship over runner up Rivers Hood. Both Lott and Hood won three events during the season.

In the Boys 9 age group, JJ Johnson from Bluffton carded an incredible score of 1-under par 35 in the Tour championship and capture the season points title over runner up Eli Brant from Bluffton.

In the Boys 10 age group, Silas Knight from Dublin, Ga., won the Tour Championship with a score of 4-over 40 and completed a sweep all seven tournaments to run away with the season points total title.

In Boys 11, Shepherd Jablon from Charleston, S.S., posted a 7-over par 79 to win the tour championship, and his victory was enough to overtake Richmond Hill's Sahej Patel for the season points championship.

In Boys 12, Braceton Beasley from Glenwood, Ga., carded a score of 5-over 77 to win the Tour Championship, but Savannah's Alex Dao earned the season points title after five wins and two runner up finishes in seven events.

In the Boys 13-14 age group, Savannah's Jack Weeks won a scorecard playoff to claim the Tour Championship over Savannah's William Bassett after both posted scores of 4-over par 76. But Savannah's Chad Chadwell was crowned the season points winner with three wins in seven events.

The Boys 15-18 age group was shortened to nine holes due to darkness, and Talyn Childress from Rincon, Ga., earned the win with a score of 1-over 37. But Savannah's Ledger Conley captured the seasons points championship with three wins and two runner up finishes in five events.

In the Girls 8-under group, Richmond Hill's Sajni Patel won the Tour Championship with a score of 16-over par 52 and also was presented the season points trophy after her fourth win.

The Girls 9-10 age group was one of the most closely contested age groups, and Richmond Hill's Georgia McDonald emerged as the Tour Championship in a scorecard playoff after she and Richmond Hill's Victoria Grant both carded scores of 8-over 44. With the win, McDonald also became the season points champion over Grant by a slim margin.

In the Girls 11-12 age group, Ella Kate Woods from Richmond Hill posted an incredible score of 3-over par 75 to win the Tour Championship, and her fifth win of the season earned her the season points championship as well.

In the Girls 13-14 age division, Richmond Hill's Alexa Mohler carded a 10-over 82 3-over to win the Tour Championship, and Mohler and Savannah's Maya Lilja tied for the season points title with 200 points apiece.

In the Girls 15-18 age group, Claxton's McKenzie Hobbs won the Tour Championship and was crowned the overall points winner for the fall season season.

Visit US Kids Golf Savannah Tour 2022 Fall Tour Championship to view all results from all age groups, and click US Kids Golf Savannah Tour 2022 Fall Season Points Standings to view all of the points totals for the season.

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