Savannah Area All-region boys & girls soccer teams for the 2023 season

By Prep Sports Report Staff | June 9, 2023

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Following the end of the 2023 Savannah area high school boys and girls soccer season, coaches voted on the all-region teams. The Prep Sports Report has compiled the most completed all-region teams for all classifications from the Georgia High School Association and Georgia Independent Athletic Association. 

Each region's voting format is based on the region's by-laws so the regions will vary in selection. Here are your GHSA and GIAA 2023 All-region teams.

Georgia High School Association
Region 1-7A
First Team:
Tyler Diesman, Richmond Hill
Giovanni Amaini, Richmond Hill
Jacob Sanchez, Richmond Hill
Kyle Diesman, Richmond Hill
Second Team:
Evan Wiebold, Richmond Hill
Sebastian Gough, Richmond Hill
AJ Hause, Richmond Hill
Ryan Reeves, Richmond Hill
Honorable Mention:
Carter Kowalski, Richmond Hill
Gustavo Gonzalez, Richmond Hill
Player of the Year: Kayla Jackson
First Team:
Kayla Jackson, Richmond Hill
Madison Haldeman, Richmond Hill
Ella Mahaffey, Richmond Hill
Karli Eubanks, Richmond Hill
Kamryn Martinez , Richmond Hill
Second Team:
Iris Turne, Richmond Hill
Ella Peterson, Richmond Hill
Ella Snider, Richmond Hill
Shannon Lacy, Richmond Hill
Katherine Clark, Richmond Hill
Satori Bell, Richmond Hill
Region 2-6A
First Team:
Logan Cribbs, South Effingham
Grady Smith, South Effingham
Chris Garcia, South Effingham
Chase Hoffman, South Effingham
Michael Deien, Effingham
Derek Diaz, Effingham
First Team:
Anna Dorch, South Effingham
Savannah Rodriguez, South Effingham
Honorable Mention:
Kylee Anderson, South Effingham
Katelyn Bittle, South Effingham
Region 3-4A
Player of the Year: Ryan Fabrizio, Benedictine
Keeper of the Year: Liam McClimans, Benedictine
Offensive Player of the Year: Caleb Swenson, Islands
First Team:
Asher Sigmon, Benedictine
Andrew Kuyoth, Benedictine
Bo Mc Namara, Benedictine
Hudson Grove, Benedictine
Asher Herrin, Benedictine
Preston Robinson Benedictine
Alex King-Castro, Islands
Reid Schoeffler, Islands
Evan Narvaez, Islands
Jack Stephans, Islands
Julian Roma, Islands
Fernando Fuentes Carmona, New Hampstead
Nelson Vasquez, New Hampstead
Player of the Year: Olivia Gentner, Islands
Defensive Player of the Year:  Aimee Silvoy, Islands
First Team:
Jordan Cintron, Islands
Amyah Eason, Islands
Sydni Polite, Islands
Kennedy Brown, Islands
Holly Kachmar Islands
Leah Worrill, New Hampstead
Arianna Chisholm, New Hampstead
Kelly Gomez Rodas, New Hampstead
Gianna Brown, New Hampstead
Region 3-3A

Offensive Player of the Year: Wesley Hooker, Savannah Country Day

Defensive Player of the Year: JT Gard, Savannah Christian

Coach of the Year: Michael Hincker, Savannah Country Day

First Team:
Wesley Hooker, Savannah Country Day
Brayden Heiges, Savannah Country Day
Madden Gerlach, Savannah Country Day
Alex Nieto, Savannah Christian
JT Gard, Savannah Christian
Michael Garcia, Savannah Christian
Drew Cail, Calvary Day School
Second Team:
Hyers Holland-SCDS
Jase Pearce, Savannah Christian
Thomas Bradley, Savannah Christian
Nelson Diaz-Groves
Honorable Mention:
Chase Buerger, Savannah Country Day
Holden Wells, Savannah Christian
Kaden Cheatham, Savannah Christian
Brodie Williams-, Savannah Christian
Irving Castro, Groves
Marqus Bythewood, Groves
Alexander Quintero, Groves
Gael, Groves
Gilberto Orozco, Groves
Trevor Strowbridge, Calvary Day School
James Bass, Calvary Day School
Cade Chadwick, Calvary Day School
Michael McGalliard, Calvary Day School
Carter Batts, Calvary Day School
Grady Shiver, Calvary Day School

Offensive Player of the Year: Abby Walsh, Calvary Day School

Defensive Player of the Year: Alana Beddow, St. Vincent’s Academy

Coach of the Year: Katie Knight, St. Vincent’s Academy

First Team:
Alana Beddow, St. Vincent’s Academy
Meg Mattocks, St. Vincent’s Academy
Haley Beddow-, St. Vincent’s Academy
Fiona Wilson, Savannah Country Day
Abby Walsh, Calvary Day School
Kate Crunkleton, Calvary Day School
Drake Spisso, Savannah Christian
Second Team:
Maddy Kelly, St. Vincent’s Academy
Ava Holcey, St. Vincent’s Academy
AC Davis, Savannah Country Day
Harris Stone, Savannah Country Day
Reis Scholl, Calvary Day School
Deane Perez, Groves
Honorable Mention:
Alexis Spisso, St. Vincent’s Academy
Ileana Scorza, St. Vincent’s Academy
Camryn Woods, St. Vincent’s Academy
Gracie Daters, Savannah Country Day
Ella Stone, Savannah Country Day
Emma Bromley, Savannah Country Day
Reese Bailey, Savannah Country Day
Sarah Catherine Gilpin, Savannah Country Day
Carlee Hurst, Calvary Day School
Maddie Sheldon, Calvary Day School
Scarlett Jackson, Calvary Day School
Kate Theriot, Savannah Christian
Sophia Karvan, Groves
Vivian Garcia, Groves
Amairani Leon, Groves
Amaya Frederick, Groves
Region 3-2A

Region Defensive Player of the Year: Nicolas Gavrilas, Savannah Arts Academy

Region Goalkeeper of the Year: Ryland Summers, Savannah Arts Academy

First Team:
Lyle Paquette, Savannah Arts Academy
Wyatt Oswald, Savannah Arts Academy
John Connell, Savannah Arts Academy
Jonny Santana, Savannah Arts Academy
Caleb Wilson, Windsor Forest HS
Chris Cruz, Windsor Forest HS
Second Team:
Alvaro Zurita, Savannah Arts Academy
Chris Aguilar, Windsor Forest HS
Paul Coaxum, Windsor Forest HS
Dayvon Griffith, Windsor Forest HS

Player of the Year: Catherine Costner, Savannah Arts Academy

Keeper of the Year: Riley Fetzer, Savannah Arts Academy

Coach of the Year: Dane Williams, Savannah Arts Academy

First Team:
Rowan Carter, Savannah Arts Academy
Valerie Kapitan, Savannah Arts Academy
Amelia Reci, Savannah Arts Academy
Ava Thomas, Savannah Arts Academy
Emily Beiter, Savannah Arts Academy
Rana Afaneh, Windsor Forest HS
Second Team:
Kendall Cripe, Savannah Arts Academy
Angelina Oetting, Savannah Arts Academy
Micayla Latson, Savannah Arts Academy
Katelyn Sadley, Savannah Arts Academy
Madeline Moguel, Windsor Forest HS
Noeliz Ramirez, Windsor Forest HS
Region 3-1A D1

Region 3-A Player of the Year: Abraham Rivera, Woodville-Tompkins

First Team:
Kelly Longino, Bryan County
Cameron Gusman, Bryan County
Semajay Mckinney , Bryan County
Jose Hernandez, Woodville-Tompkins
Craig Janhrette , Woodville-Tompkins
Luis Lopez, Woodville-Tompkins
Allen Nicolas, Woodville-Tompkins
Abraham Rivera, Woodville-Tompkins
Nolan Quinnert, Woodville-Tompkins
Honorable Mention:
Kameron Boggs, Bryan County
Luke Hannah, Bryan County
Mason Miller, Bryan County
Will Summerford, Bryan County
First Team:
Adelaide Longino, Bryan County
Skylar Lee, Bryan County
Graci Strickland, Bryan County
Elizabeth Harvey, Bryan County
Valeria Najera-Lares, Woodville-Tompkins
Karla Miranda, Woodville-Tompkins
Rian Bailey, Woodville-Tompkins
Honorable Mention:
Haley Thomas, Bryan County
Camryn Parker , Bryan County
Gia Flynn, Woodville-Tompkins
Maxx Grant, Woodville-Tompkins
Georgia Independent Athletic Association
GIAA District 2 AAA
First Team:
Gordon Standing, St. Andrew’s School
Thomas Hill, St. Andrew’s School
Will Garguilo, St. Andrew’s School
Evan Wyly, St. Andrew’s School
Ethan Wilkens, St. Andrew’s School
Henry Bush, St. Andrew’s School

Coach of the Year: Ben Dombroski, St. Andrew’s School

First Team:
Ava Stillwagon, St. Andrew’s School
Sarah Koegler, St. Andrew’s School
Anna Spitalnick, St. Andrew’s School
Morgan Rule, St. Andrew’s School
Sydeny Berkman, St. Andrew’s School
Gray Holmes, St. Andrew’s School
Nadya Doscher, St. Andrew’s School
Scalett Holmes, St. Andrew’s School



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