Seven new rules you need to know for the 2022 High School Football season

By Prep Sports Report Staff | August 14, 2022

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These seven rules were recommended by the National Federation of High Schools and approved by the GHSA, according to Savannah's Coastal Football Officials Association President Harold Lindsey, as heard on the Karl DeMasi Sports Report on Saturday, August 13, 2022.

The Karl DeMasi Sports Report August 13, 2022

Many high school football fans may think they know everything there is to know about the rules and make sure everyone around them in their section of the stands knows when there was a "bad call." 


The Prep Sports Report disagrees with that kind of behavior. Still, we think it's essential to learn the rules of high school football, which is much different than professional and college football games, before making loud claims that might or might not be accurate. 


For the 2022 football season, there are seven new rules. Some are very small and have more to do with looks than anything else. Others aren't as big a deal, but administrators and officials are still working to keep the game safe for everyone.


• Added a new exception to intentional grounding that allows the passer to legally throw the ball away to conserve yardage as long as the passer is outside the blocking box and the pass goes beyond the line of scrimmage.


• A chop block has been redefined as an illegal combination block where contact is made above and below the waist.


• When a foul is committed with less than two minutes remaining in either half, the offended team has the option to start the game clock on the snap.


• Added a new exception to the play clock administration following a foul committed only by the defensive team, allowing the play clock for the offense to be set for 40 seconds.


• The team sideline box may now be extended beyond the 25-yard line. The extension must be the same for both teams.


• Any game official may order the ball changed between downs.


• The single-digit number zero is now a legal number. The number double zero is also permitted.


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