Touchdown Time: Savannah Area 2024 High School Football Team Schedules Revealed!

By Prep Sports Report Staff | June 14, 2024

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Are you ready for some football? Get ready for a season of high school football in the Savannah area! The 2024 team schedules are out courtesy of the Prep Sports Report, featuring matchups for all the teams. This season, from the Richmond Hill Wildcats to the Bethesda Academy Blazers, is set to deliver games and tough competition. The game kickoff time is 7:30 p.m. unless noted, and game sites are posted.  


Let's tackle each team's schedule, and you can highlight the games that will define this season. Whether you're a fan, player, or coach, the PSR will keep you in the loop with all the thrilling action!

Savannah Area Football 2024 team-by-team schedules

NOTE STADIUM SITES: (DP) Savannah Daffin Park (I) Islands Stadium (P) Pooler Stadium (PW) Mobley Park, Port Wentworth (SHS) Savannah High (SM) Savannah Memorial Stadium 


GHSA Region 1-6A

Richmond Hill Wildcats

Head Coach Matt Lezotte

(10th season at Richmond Hill 51-46/14 seasons overall 79-62)

Aug. 23 at Glynn Academy 

Aug. 30 vs. Everglades, FL

Sept. 6 at New Hampstead (P)

Sept. 13 vs. Wayne County

Sept. 20 vs. Buchholz, FL

Sept. 27 vs. Tift County*

Oct. 4 at Camden County*

Oct. 11 vs. Valdosta*

Oct. 25 at Lowndes*

Nov. 1 at Colquitt County*

*Region game


GHSA Region 1-5A

Bradwell Institute Tigers

Head Coach Deshon Brock

(4th season at Bradwell 4-25/8 seasons overall 37-36)

Aug. 16 vs. Liberty County

Aug. 23 at Westover (M)

Sept. 6 at Glynn Academy*

Sept. 13 vs. Effingham County*

Sept. 20 at Statesboro*

Sept. 27 vs. Greenbrier*

Oct. 4 vs. Brunswick*

Oct. 18 vs. South Effingham*

Oct. 25 at Lakeside, Evans*

Nov. 1 at Evans*

*Region game


Effingham County Rebels

Head Coach John Ford

(4th season at Effingham 20-12/10 seasons overall 81-29)

Aug. 23 at Houston County

Aug. 30 vs. New Hampstead

Sept. 6 vs. Brunswick*

Sept. 13 at Bradwell Institute*

Sept. 20 vs. South Effingham*

Sept. 27 at Lakeside, Evans*

Oct. 10 at Evans*

Oct. 18 at Greenbrier*

Oct. 25 vs. Glynn Academy*

Nov. 1 vs. Statesboro*

*Region game


South Effingham Mustangs 

Head Coach Loren Purvis 

(2nd season at South Effingham 6-4/1 season overall 6-4)

Aug. 16 at New Hampstead (P)

Aug. 30 vs. Toombs County

Sept. 13 at Lakeside, Evans*

Sept. 20 at Effingham County*

Sept. 27 vs. Evans*

Oct. 4 at Greenbrier

Oct. 10 vs. Glynn Academy*

Oct. 18 at Bradwell Institute*

Oct. 25 vs. Statesboro*

Nov. 1 vs. Brunswick*

*Region game


GHSA Region 1-4A


Head Coach Danyy Britt

(14th season at Benedictine 146-29/19 seasons overall 178-51)

Aug. 17 at Rabun Gap- Nacoochee (GSU) 6 p.m.

Aug. 23 at Buford

Aug. 30 vs. Burke County (SM)

Sept. 14 at Archbishop Moeller

Sept. 20 vs. Westminster (SM)

Sept. 27 at Ware County*

Oct. 4 at Warner Robins*

Oct. 11 vs. New Hampstead (SM)*

Oct. 18 at Wayne County*

Oct. 25 vs. Perry (SM)*

*Region game


New Hampstead Phoenix

Head Coach Kyle Hockman

(6th season at New Hampstead 28-23/23 seasons overall 167-85)

Aug. 15 vs. South Effingham (P)

Aug. 23 at Savannah Christian (P)

Aug. 30 at Effingham County

Sept. 6 vs. Richmond Hill (P)

Sept. 13 at Pierce County

Sept. 27 at Perry*

Oct. 4 vs. Ware County (P)*

Oct. 11 at Benedictine (SM)*

Oct. 18 vs. Warner Robins (P)*

Oct. 25 vs. Wayne County (P)*

*Region game


GHSA Region 3-3A

Beach Bulldogs

Head Coach Michael Thompson

(4th season at Beach 3-26/15 seasons overall 106-57-1)

Aug. 16 at Calvary Day*

Aug. 23 at Savannah

Sept. 6 vs. Windsor Forest (I)*

Sept. 13 at Jenkins (SHS)*

Sept. 20 vs. Long County (SHS)*

Oct. 4 at Islands (I)*

Oct. 11 vs. Johnson, Savannah (I)*

Oct. 18 at Groves (SHS)*

Oct. 24 vs. Liberty County (SHS)*

Nov. 1 at Southeast Bulloch*

*Region game


Calvary Day Cavaliers

Head Coach Mark Stroud

(16th season at Calvary 139-42/ 33 seasons overall 263-209)

Aug. 16 vs. Beach*

Aug. 30 at Oceanside Collegiate, SC

Sept. 6 vs. Southeast Bulloch*

Sept. 13 at Windsor Forest* (P)

Sept. 20 vs. Jenkins*

Oct. 4 at Long County*

Oct. 11 vs. Islands*

Oct. 18 at Johnson, Savannah* (SM)

Oct. 25 vs. Groves*

Nov. 1 at Liberty County*

*Region game


Robert W. Groves Rebels

Head Coach Calvin Wells 

(3rd season at Groves 2-18/2 seasons overall 2-18)

Aug. 23 at West Laurens

Aug. 30 at Jenkins (SHS)*

Sept. 5 vs. Long County* (SHS)

Sept. 13 at Islands* (I)

Sept. 20 vs. Johnson* (I)

Oct. 4 at Southeast Bulloch*

Oct. 10 at Liberty County*

Oct. 18 vs. Beach (SHS)*

Oct. 25 at Calvary Day*

Nov. 1 vs. Windsor Forest* (SHS)

*Region game


Islands Sharks

Head Coach DeShawn Printup

(6th season at Islands 13-29/5 seasons overall 13-29)

Aug. 16 vs. McIntosh County Academy (I)

Aug. 30 at Southeast Bulloch*

Sept. 6 at Johnson, Savannah*

Sept. 13 vs. Groves* (I)

Sept. 20 at Liberty County*

Oct. 4 vs. Beach* (I)

Oct. 11 at Calvary Day*

Oct. 18 vs. Windsor Forest* (I)

Oct. 25 at Jenkins (SM)*

Nov. 1 vs. Long County* (I)

*Region game


HV Jenkins Warriors

Head Coach Tony Welch

(4th season at Jenkins 13-20/13 seasons overall 51-76)

Aug. 16 at Lowndes

Aug. 30 vs. Groves (SHS)*

Sept. 6 at Liberty County*

Sept. 13 vs. Beach (SHS)*

Sept. 20 at Calvary Day*

Oct. 4 vs. Windsor Forest (SM)*

Oct. 10 vs. Southeast Bulloch (I)* 7 p.m.

Oct. 18 at Long County*

Oct. 25 vs. Islands (SM)*

Nov. 1 at Johnson, Savannah (SM)*

*Region game


Sol C. Johnson Atomsmashers

Head Coach Steven Smith

(2nd season at Johnson 3-7/1 season overall 3-7)

Aug. 16 at Bryan County

Aug. 30 at Long County*

Sept. 6 vs. Islands* (SM)

Sept. 13 at Southeast Bulloch*

Sept. 20 at Groves* (I)

Oct. 4 vs. Liberty County (SHS)*

Oct. 11 at Beach (I)*

Oct. 18 vs. Calvary Day* (SM)

Oct. 25 at Windsor Forest* (I)

Nov. 1 vs. Jenkins (SM)*

*Region game


Liberty County Panthers

Head Coach Tony Glazer

(3rd season at Liberty County 10-12/4 seasons overall 11-21)

Aug. 16 at Bradwell Institute

Aug. 30 at Windsor Forest (SM)*

Sept. 6 vs. Jenkins*

Sept. 13 at Long County*

Sept. 20 vs. Islands*

Sept. 27 at Southeast Bulloch*

Oct. 4 at Johnson, Savannah (SHS)*

Oct. 10 vs. Groves*

Oct. 24 at Beach (SHS)*

Nov. 1 vs. Calvary Day*

*Region game


Windsor Forest Knights

Head Coach TBA

Aug. 23 at Brantley County

Aug. 30 vs. Liberty County (I)*

Sept. 6 at Beach (I)*

Sept. 13 vs. Calvary Day* (P)

Sept. 20 vs. Southeast Bulloch* (P)

Oct. 4 at Jenkins (SM)*

Oct. 10 vs. Long County* (SHS) 7 p.m.

Oct. 18 at Islands* (I)

Oct. 25 vs. Johnson, Savannah* (I)

Nov. 1 at Groves* (SHS)

*Region game


GHSA Region 3-A

Savannah Christian Raiders

Head Coach Baker Woodward

(7th season at Savannah Christian 57-19/6 seasons 57-19)

Aug. 16 vs. Whitefield Academy (P)

Aug. 23 vs. New Hampstead (P)

Aug. 30 vs. Providence Christian (P)

Sept. 5 vs. Oceanside Collegiate, SC (P) 7 p.m.

Sept. 13 at Fellowship Christian

Sept. 27 at Blessed Trinity

Oct. 4 at Savannah Country Day*

Oct. 11 vs. Vidalia (P)*

Oct. 25 at Swainsboro*

Nov. 1 vs. Toombs County (P)*

*Region game


Savannah Country Day Hornets

Head Coach Roc Batten

(1st season at Savannah Country Day 0-0/14 seasons overall 96-53)

Aug. 16 at Charlotte Country Day, NC

Aug. 23 at Athens Academy

Aug. 30 at Porter Gaud, SC

Sept. 6 vs. Bluffton, SC

Sept. 20 at Tattnall County

Oct. 4 vs. Savannah Christian*

Oct. 11 at Swainsboro*

Oct. 18 vs. Toombs County*

Oct. 25 vs. Episcopal School, FL

Nov. 1 at Vidalia*

*Region game


GHSA Region 3-A

Bryan County Redskins

Head Coach Cherard Freman

(5th season at Bryan County 21-21/ 13 seasons overall 47-78)

Aug. 16 vs. Johnson, Savannah 

Aug. 23 at Aquinas

Sept. 6 at Savannah* (SHS)

Sept. 13 vs. Portal

Sept. 20 at Emanuel County Institute

Sept. 27 vs. Claxton*

Oct. 4 at Screven County*

Oct. 11 vs. McIntosh County Academy*

Oct. 18 at Jenkins County

Nov. 1 vs. Metter

*Region game


Savannah High Blue Jackets

Head Coach Anthony Tolliver

(2nd season at Savannah High 0-10/1 season overall  0-10)

Aug. 16 at Frederica Academy

Aug. 23 vs. Beach (SHS)

Sept. 6 vs. Bryan County* (SHS)

Sept. 13 at Metter

Sept. 27 at Portal

Oct. 4 at Emanuel County Institute

Oct. 11 vs. Claxton* (SHS)

Oct. 18 at Screven County*

Oct. 25 vs. McIntosh County Academy* (SHS)

Nov. 1 at Jenkins County

*Region game

*Region game


GIAA District 2-AAA

St. Andrew's Lions

Head Coach Wes Worthington

(1st season at St. Andrew's 0-0)

Aug. 16 at Edmund Burke Academy

Aug. 23 at Hilton Head Prep

Aug. 30 at Central Fellowship Christian

Sept. 6 vs. Briarwood

Sept.14 vs. Augusta Prep 

Sept. 27 at Robert Toombs Christian Academy

Oct. 4 vs. Harvest Community

Oct. 11 at Pinewood Christian*

Oct. 18 vs. Bullock Academy*

Oct. 25 at Frederica Academy*

*Region game


GIAA Region 3-8-Man 

Memorial Day School Matadors

Head Coach Zane Rowland

(1st season at Memorial Day)

Aug. 16 at Citizens Christian

Aug. 23 vs. Georgia Christian (PW)

Aug. 30 at Grace Christian Academy

Sept. 6 vs. Westwood* (PW)

Sept.13 at Sherwood Christian Academy*

Sept. 20 vs. Fullington Academy (PW)

Oct. 4 at Crisp

Oct. 18 vs. Vidalia

Oct. 25 at David Emanual Academy*

*Region game



Bethesda Academy

Head Coach Antwain Turner

(19 seasons at Bethesda 94-102/18 seasons overall 94-102)

Aug. 23 at Thomas Hayward Academy

Aug. 30 at Hilton Head Christian  

Sept. 6 vs. John Paul II

Sept.14 vs. Hilton Head Prep* 

Sept. 20 at Patrick Henry

Sept. 27 at Christian Academy*

Oct. 4 vs. Beaufort Academy*

Oct. 11 vs. Dillon Christian*

Oct. 25 at Pee Dee Academy*

Nov. 1 vs. St. John's Academy*

*Region game




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