We have another first! New Hampstead Pauly Seeley 42nd Finnochiaro Award Winner

By Prep Sports Report Staff | November 25, 2022

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It's a tradition on thanksgiving morning to announce the best high school football player in Savannah Chatham County through the local newspaper, as wished by the Finocchiaro family when the award was presented for the first time in 1976. Well, we have another first. New Hampstead High School senior Pauly Seeley has been named the winner of the 42nd Michael Finocchiaro Award. The first Phoenix football player to win the award.


The award has been given out annually to the top high school player in Savannah, as voted on by the head football coaches, private and public, in Chatham County, and local media members. The award was created by and in honor of the late Mike Finocchiaro, who passed away in 2001. Finocchiaro wanted an award for local prep football players, like the prestigious college football award, the Heisman Trophy.


Seeley has committed to Wofford, where he will enter early in February. He would help New Hampstead reach the Georgia High School State Association Class AAAA state football playoffs with a record of 6-5. As a senior quarterback on the field for the Phoenix, Seeley threw for 2,520 yards and 29 touchdowns. Besides being outstanding on the gridiron, Seely is exceptional in the classroom. As a student, Pauly carries a 4.0 GPA. 






1976 — Tommy Cupstid, Windsor Forest

1977 — Randy Lanier, Benedictine

1978 — Chris McCarthy, Benedictine

1979 — J.J. Young, Groves

1980 — Harry South, Benedictine

1981 — Joel Carter, Benedictine

1982 — Jack McCollum, Jenkins

1983 — Stephen Jones, Jenkins

1984 — Peter Brennan, Benedictine

1985 — Tim Smart, Groves

1986 — Corey Ladson, Tompkins

1987 — Keith Jones, Savannah High

1988 — Stanley Smart, Savannah High

1989 — Daryl Wall, Windsor Forest

1990 — Marcel Cooper, Groves

1991 — JJ Mobley, Beach

1992 — Bill Sparks, Savannah Country Day

1993 — Mede Lewis, Savannah High

1994 — Vinson Cooper, Groves

1995 — Patrick Smith, Benedictine

1996 — Prince Jonson, Beach

1997 — Walter Simmons, Benedictine

1998 — Jamaal Argrow, Benedictine

1999 — Craig Thomas, Calvary Day

2000 — Lamar Owens, Benedictine

2001 — Joey Boaen, Country Day

2002 — Joey Boaen, SCD

2003 — Sage Glasper, Groves

2004 — Jonathon Armstrong, Groves

2005 — Demarcus Dobbs, Calvary Day

2006 — Franklin Green, Jenkins

2007 — Franklin Green, Jenkins

2008 — Chris Barnwell, Savannah Christian

2009 — Chris Barnwell, SCPS

2010-15 — No winner

2016 — Wesley Kennedy, Benedictine

2017 — Javonte Middleton, Jenkins

2018 — Jakeen Harris, Benedictine

2019 — Ronald Cooper III, Jenkins

2020 — Justin Thomas, Benedictine and Spencer Robicheaux, Savannah Christian

2021 — Justin Thomas, Benedictine

2022 - Pauly Seeley, New Hampstead


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