Who is the Most Versatile Male Athlete in Savannah in 2021?

By Prep Sports Report Staff | April 29, 2021

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It's a tradition that has been going on in Savannah for 68 years. The Ashley Dearing, one of the most prestigious prep awards, is named after the former Savannah auto dealer and strong supporter of local high school sports who started the award in 1954. The award's purpose is to recognize a male high school athlete in Savannah who has participated in varsity football, varsity basketball, and a varsity spring sport over the past school year.

The award has not missed being handed out by the Dearing family. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing last year. The award was given out and won by former Benedictine Military School standout Gavin Stewart. Gavin is now playing football at Georgia Tech.

Here are 27 local athletes who have been nominated this year for the 68th Ashley Dearing Award. The ballots have were sent out, and the winner will be announced next week. Local athletic directors and local news media sources vote on the award to decide the winner. Here are the three-sport athletes nominated by their respective schools and the previous 67 winners. 

BEACH -- DeAndre Jones, freshman, football, basketball, track

BENEDICTINE -- Trent Broadnax, senior, football, basketball, track

Ben Hollerbach, junior, football, basketball, baseball

Ack Edwards, freshman, football, basketball, track

Charlie Iannone, sophomore, football, basketball, lacrosse

Jamel Mainer, junior, football, basketball, track

BETHESDA -- Antjuan McKay, senior, football, basketball, track

Ivan Gooding, senior, football, basketball, track

Ke'Shon Leggett, sophomore, football, basketball, track

CALVARY DAY -- Ryan Merklinger, senior, football, basketball, track

Jake Merklinger, freshman, football, basketball, baseball

DeAndre Singleton, junior, football, basketball, track

ISLANDS -- Jadon Adams, senior, football, basketball, track

Tavares Brewton, junior, football, basketball, track

JENKINS -- Ray Allen, senior, football, basketball, baseball

JOHNSON -- Dylan Boone, senior, football, basketball, track

MEMORIAL DAY -- Cam Hall, football, basketball, track

DA Brewer, football, basketball, baseball

Tyler Jackson, football, basketball, baseball

SAVANNAH CHRISTIAN -- Peyton Cromwell, junior, football, basketball, track

Garrett Perry, senior, football, basketball, lacrosse

George Futch, junior, football, basketball, track

SAVANNAH COUNTRY DAY -- Paul Mosley, senior, football, basketball, track

Alex Wynn, junior, football, basketball, track

Michael Grandy, sophomore, football, basketball, track

SAVANNAH HIGH -- Martino Buxton, senior, football, basketball, track

ST. ANDREW'S -- Grant Viands, senior, football, basketball, baseball

Ethan Bland, junior, football, basketball, soccer

Will Livingston, senior, football, basketball, baseball


(Must play varsity football, basketball and a spring sport to be eligible)

2020 — Gavin Stewart, Benedictine

2019 — Winston Wright, Memorial Day

2018 — Javonte Middleton, Jenkins

2017 — Calvin Turner, New Hampstead

2016 — Demetris Robertson, Savannah Christian

2015 — Brad Stewart, Benedictine

2014 — Brad Stewart, Benedictine

2013 — Paris Baker, Jenkins

2012 — Johnathon Chamblee, Savannah Christian

2011 — Dom DeMasi, Calvary Day

2010 — Dom DeMasi, Calvary Day

2009 — Jesse Morrell, Bethesda

2008 — John Moesch, Savannah Country Day

2007 — Scott Reed, Groves

2006 — Demarcus Dobbs, Calvary Day

2005 — Kellen Stanley, Savannah Christian

2004 — Sage Glasper, Groves

2003 — Joey Boaen, Savannah Country Day

2002 — Ben Patrick, Jenkins

2001 — Lamar Owens Jr., Benedictine

2000 — Danny McNamara, Benedictine

1999 — Rashad Chisholm, Savannah High

1998 — Kris Edge, Savannah Christian

1997 — Tommy McNamara, Benedictine

1996 — Terry Bryant, Johnson

1995 — Ronnie Rockett, Jenkins

1994 — Majiid Lanier, Beach

1993 — Bill Sparks, Savannah Country Day

1992 — Barry Kleinpeter, Calvary

1991 — Marcel Cooper, Groves

1990 — Lloyd Rowland, Savannah Christian

1989 — Pee Wee Kelley, Savannah Christian

1988 — Keith Jones, Savannah High

1987 — Corey Ladson, Tompkins

1986 — Lee Lane, Calvary Day

1985 — Peter Brennan, Benedictine

1984 — Earl Mason, Groves

1983 — Paul Jurgensen, Benedictine

1982 — Robbie White, Savannah Christian

1981 — Greg Amick, Savannah Country Day

1980 — Larry Brobst, Savannah Christian

1979 — Lamar Owens, Tompkins

1978 — Randy Lanier, Benedictine

1977 — Mark Grainger, Savannah Christian

1976 — Rufus Kelly, Savannah High

1975 — Ricky McBride, Groves

1974 — Shan Saunders, Savannah Country Day

1973 — Jo Jo White, Richard Arnold

1972 — Gene Dotson, Benedictine

1971 — Lawrence Maner, Benedictine

1970 — Bobby Reagan, Savannah Country Day

1969 — David Sasser, Groves

1968 — Joby Wright, Johnson

1967 — Julian Smiley, Savannah High

1966 — Peter Schmidt, Savannah Country Day

1965 — Roger Grove, Groves

1964 — Danny Sims, Savannah High

1963 — Dewey Warren, Jenkins

1962 — Tommy Brennan, Benedictine

1961 — Larry Patterson, Benedictine

1960 — Terry Tyler, Savannah High

1959 — Ronnie Braddock, Benedictine

1958 — Jimmy Miller, Savannah High

1957 — Tom Brown, Benedictine

1956 — Carlos Mobley, Savannah High

1955 — Charlie Moore, Benedictine

1954 — Elmer Lott, Savannah High

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